In ADGG, ILRI is partnering with

  • University of New England
  • Scotland’s Rural College
  • Tanzanian Livestock Research Institute (TALIRI)
  • Green Dreams Tech Limited
  • Land O’Lakes International Development
  • Natural Resources Institute Finland
  • National and regional partners

University of New England (UNE) The UNE team is led by Prof. John Gibson who serves as a co- PI on the ADGG and will work closely with ILRI on the design and monitoring of the program. UNE will provide inputs to the development of the analytics support to the DPRCs; the packaging of feedback to farmers; design of the SNP assays for certifying breeding bulls and pedigree assignment; analysis and application of SNP and phenotype data; and the design of the long term national dairy breeding programs. Post-doctoral fellows at UNE are working on these issues, under the guidance of Prof Gibson and the ILRI team to coordinate analyses of data and design of breeding programs.  Prof Gibson’s team is leading the bull certification component of the program, notably the development of the genomic (SNP) chip for breed composition determination.

Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC)  Contributes to cow and herd data and analysis, especially the algorithms for and digital message systems developed for the UK and Malawi’s Bunda College systems and works with the ADGG team to adapt them to the local Tanzania and Ethiopia farmers’ contexts. The analytics will use milk yield from the individual cows in order to provide a robust decision support system and feedbacks to farmers based on their own cows’ perfoemnce relative to their cohorts, thus enbaling early detection of production problems in the cow and timely interventions.

National Artificial Insemination Center (NAIC) in Ethiopia is already undertaking some of what the ADGG program plans to implement (i.e. dairy recording and feedback), albeit on a limited scale, with no feedback to farmers. NAIC will work with ILRI and the partners, including the Ethiopia’s Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR), to upgrade their digital systems and to expand them.

Tanzanian Livestock Research Institute (TALIRI) will develop their Dairy Farmer Recording and Information Centres (DRPC) for the first time. As the lead lead national organization, in the country, it is responsible for day-to-day supervision of the animal performance recording and related data collection and is contributing to the identification of farmer training needs and the design of key feedback systems.

Green Dreams Tech (GDT) Limited liaises with telephone service providers to set up digital platforms in the two countries (via phones, tablets etc) based on the iCow ( a mobile phone based agricultural platform providing farmers a series of services and products focused on increased productivity based on good agricultural practices. iCow was developed by GDT and helps small holder farmers become resilient to climate change and food secure. In addition to customised feedback based on comprehensive data captured from the farmers, iCow will also provide farmers with generic content on best practices in line with the farmers needs in the two countries. Content for the two countries will be available in Kiswahili, Amharic, Tigrigna and Oromiffa. Digital data will be captured from farmers and relayed to the national Dairy Farmer Recording and Information Centres (DPRC). Feedback, information and results from the DPRCs will be shared with farmers via short message service (SMS), GDT is also working with ILRI and the private and public and sector partners to develop training materials and business models on timely feedback packages that will empower farmers to sustainably extract more benefits from their dairy animals.

Land O’Lakes International Development will leverage their Partnership for Artificial Insemination Delivery (PAID) program infrastructure for training and incentivizing PAID artificial insemination (AI) technicians to register 12,000 farmers; training farmers in data collection; and providing on-going monitoring and support for farmers in data collection. Land O’Lakes will also use PAID AI delivery channels to make available semen from 20-30 top performing cross-bred bulls andworking together with PAID to ensure NAIC’s have capacity for on-going implementation of the DPRCs, including production and delivery of high-quality cross-bred semen.